Frequently asked questions

Boss girls is a rapidly growing community and networking group of 13k women which started in Central Scotland and is growing beyond. Boss Girls partnered with a female-owned tech company in 2020 to develop products around a shared vision for empowering businesses with digital solutions and support.

We really did think long and hard about this but actually our community needs products and services from all genders so, yes, anyone can join. However, they do have to agree to our Boss Girls Charter and have a positive female focus. 

Nah. We think we’re gonna keep our group girls only for now. There’s a strong community ethos of sharing and asking questions and we think a lot of our members like the female focus. We might be wrong though so let us know!

We’ve made a considerable investment in the development and marketing of all this. But we wanted to develop what our community told us they needed: business exposure for the business owners and easy local shopping for our users. The low monthly costs are the way our team gets paid. 

That’s awesome. We can integrate most online/cloud-based booking systems that offer integrations.

Just add your booking link to your listing profile and your customers will be able to book direct from your BG listing. 

If you don’t have a booking system we recommend Fresha, Booksy, Calendly and Acuity  Gives us a call if you would like any help with this. 

That’s great! You can add a link to your existing store in the website field on your listing.  We have an e-commerce solution for businesses looking to start selling online and on social media, so if you need any help or support here, please let us know. 

We already have a community of 13k organic users ready to shop local and we will engage regularly with them to promote all businesses on the site. We will provide ongoing investment in Facebook, Google and other ads and marketing strategies to grow the platform and increase customer traffic. 

We’re gonna keep things child-friendly here so, no adult stuff or illegal/offensive content. We do love a swear word though so, if you think we’re making a mistake with this let us know and we’ll chat it through.